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Detective Patrick Dale and Police Chief Olivia Shepherd investigate the strange and unusual in the dangerous future metropolis of New Toska.

Surrounded by an unrelenting ice storm that pummels the globe, the inhabitants of New Toska depend on an amazing scientific advancement to keep them safe. But while Dale and Shepherd confront bizarre new adversaries, hidden forces are working to undermine them and the safety of the city.

Argon is a serialized science fiction tech noir thriller from Jeannie Floyd and Ambermane Media.



Jan 10, 2022

On his first assignment in the future metropolis of New Toska, Detective Patrick Dale uncovers a deadly threat beyond the city's protected zone. Alongside Police Chief Olivia Shepherd, he must uncover why those who chose to flee the city are quickly losing their grip on reality.

Don’t miss the conclusion of Part 1, “The Snowdrifter," coming soon.

Argon is a serialized tech noir thriller from writer-director Jeannie Floyd and Ambermane Media. Vocal cast for this episode includes Les Weiler, Blanca Gomez, Robert Salas, Sarah DeSoto, Abbey Guerra, Jeannie Floyd, and Asher Wagh. Editing by Mike Moody Garcia.


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